Ron Pratt Electric is a Certified Generac Service Dealer

When it comes to protecting your family and property from power outages, you want nothing less than the best. That's why 4 out of 5 homeowners turn to Generac when purchasing a generator for their home.

Ron Pratt Electric is a Certified Generac Service dealer, which means our technicians are trained directly at Generac to handle all of your warranty and non-warranty repairs.

We offer annual service contracts, authorizing the certified technicians at Ron Pratt Electric to provide regular maintenance on your generator. This service includes oil change/filter change, changing spark plugs, changing the air filter, checking coolant levels for liquid cooled units, checking voltages and frequencies, and adjusting when necessary.

Having the annual service performed on your unit will ensure that any warranty issues that arise will be handled in a timely manner, and will also keep your generator in prime working condition so it's there when you need it.

Ron Pratt Electric is the contractor that other local electrical contractors call when Generac Generator troubleshooting, commissioning (start-ups), warranty & non-warranty repair is needed. 


Selecting a Generator

The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power! Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks. What would you like your living conditions to be?

Generac takes the guesswork out of sizing by supplying the Guardian Series air cooled generators with predetermined numbers of circuits based on the generator’s kW power rating. For example, eight circuits are supplied for the 8 kW generator and as many as 16 circuits are supplied for the 17 kW generator. Each circuit is directly connected to a matched circuit on the home’s main circuit breaker panel, providing electricity to that specific appliance or area of the home.

In a typical installation with an 8 kW, eight circuit generator, you could connect (1) lights and TV in the family room, (2) microwave and lights in the kitchen, (3) refrigerator, (4) power to the bathroom, (5) computer and home office, (6) garage door opener, (7) air conditioner, and (8) furnace.

Generac also offers generators and transfer switches that can power the entire circuit breaker panel box...feel free to contact our office and we'll be happy to help you!



The easiest way to sum up my experience with Ron Pratt Electric would be to say that it was simple, headache free and great value. I would 100% recommend Ron and his team members to anyone thinking about having the security of back up power.

Thanks again,
Kyle Boyko